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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Going where others havent been before....

Hello everyone,

Here i am again lol, I know its been some time since ive posted here, but i dont think it has been too long. Ive been working alot on my world on Version Vibrant this past week, since thats where you have to upload fanart, wallpapers and cards and such in order for them to be recognized by other fans. i havent forgotten my myotaku page and friends though, so dont think that ive sold out lol. this was my first home and will always be and since ive noticed that when i update on here , it shows my update on Version Vibrant, its very comforting to know that people who sunscribe to my world will know when i update my myotaku and they will be able to visit here if they so wish :) Its just good to know that everything is tied together and that my myotaku page wont be left out to dry so to speak lol. This morning i reinstalled my scanner, so now ill be able to scan my dvd cases and other anime related stuff like i use to back in the day. Ive also been creating wallpapers and saving screenshots from anime dvds using my dvd drive on my computer. This morning i uploaded my first card and my first wallpaper on Theotaku, so hopefully they will be acceped, even though they are rather simple lol. Other than that i havent been up to much, i have a few anime dvds/vhs that i may try to watch today, and im sure ill be browsing theotaku alot more today to try and find more friends, since my friends list on myotaku has pretty much been decimated over time. I plan on moving forward though in my quest to find more friends and perhaps reconnect with old friends along the way :) I thank you for visiting and i look forward to posting alot more often! ^_^

stay strong,

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