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Monday, April 7, 2008

A World without Heroes
Hello everyone,

I just created a world on Theotaku. I figured it would be pretty hard fro me to keep up with the times if i didnt branch out and try to be more creative, so i figured id make one to go along with my myotaku page :) I think they will really compliment each other and help each other and give more people an opportunity to see what i have to offer the anime community. I dont plan on getting rid of my myotaku page or giving up on it, there is just too much history here, and im not one to forget where i started. To be honest, my "World" page and my myotaku page look exactly alike, so it should pretty much feel like the world is kinda like an offspring of my myotaku page and im looking forward to branching out and being global, so to speak lol. I believe this will give me a chance to be creative again, and more of a chance to be noticed by more people and a wider variety of anime fans, so if you see my world, feel free to leave a message and let me know what you think, ill be sure to post more updates as i work on it :)

hope to see you all tommorrow!!

stay strong,


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