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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is anybody out there?
Hello everyone,

I havent visted myotaku in a while because ive been doing alot of stuff lately, plus ive been working, and ive been so lazy as of late, sleeping more than usual etc. When i visited just now, i noticed that most of the people on ym friends list havent posted in a while and it kinda got me down. Other than my computer crashing again a couple weeks ago, there really isnt anything keeping me from coming here and it's kinda sad that ive been too busy to visit, especially considering me being the anime fan that i am. I dont want to let anyone down, in any regard thats for sure, and i want to make a better effort to be here and help others experience anime and especially find new friends and hopefully retouch with old friends from the past. there are times when i feel like im going through the same thing Yamcha did as the Dragonball/Z/GT series went on, kinda falling into the background and being forgotten, but im hoping that with some hard work, i can dig out some fun from this old page and be apart of something special again ^_^

Im still here, and dont you forget it :)


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