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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hello everyone :)

It looks like ive managed to make a post today lol. Im currently watching episode 7 of "Saiyuki: Reload" on a channel called "Movieplex". ive kinda grown fond of this show in a strange way lol. i have a couple of Saiyuki dvds from the series and Saiyuki Requiem - the motion picture, I have yet to watch them yet, so it seems i have a date with them sometime in the near future lol. I havent been up to much lately, just mostly working and being lazy. i re-arranged my room (yet again) last weekend and while doing that i managed to find a better way to organize my anime dvds on my shelves. I was able to free up an entire book shelf in the end and so i put all my Playstation 2 and Xbox games and my PS2, N64, NES and SNES videogame systems on there with relative ease. Hopefully i can get some pics up within the next couple of days :) Also, last weekend i beat Suikoden 5 (a PS2 game). If you are a fan of RPG games and a fan of anime, im sure you would lovethat game, as well as any of the other Suikoden games. If you want any info on them, feel free to ask and ill be sure to help any way i can :) Well right now im about to head to Gamestop real quick so i can raid them for anime and a few cheap games, hopefully you all are doing alright, and i look forward to hearing from you guys and/or chatting sometime soon :)

stay strong,


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