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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

There can be only one

Hello everyone :)

I told you i'd be back and i brought a few things for those of you who still visit this old site lol. for the past week and a half ive been compiling alot of my anime related stuff and ive managed to put together quite a post here today. I felt like i had let let alot of you down the past couple years that ive been here and hopefully after this post i will have redeemed myself as a contributor to the fanhood of anime and a member of this community. Ive really slacked off when it came to my Myotaku site and for a good while i thought that maybe i wasnt the fan that everyone thought i was lol. When i first joined this community, i could hold my entire anime collection in both of my hands. I remember constanly organizing the few movies i had been able to buy and frantically recording all the anime i could catch on tv. Now a few years later and a few new doors opened, ive managed to build something special. there is still alot of work to be done, and im certainly not done when it comes to anime, and i still think i have the biggest, most diverse anime collection here at theotaku, but size doesnt matter if you arent passionate about it, and passionate I am lol.

Im still Here, and dont you forget it :)

Enjoy the rest of the post at your own risk :)

Anime Collection 1
Anime collection pic 1

Anime Collection 2
Anime collection pic 2

Anime Collection 3
Anime Collection pic 3

Anime collection layout
this is a diagram of how my shelves are set up, since i wasnt able o get the entires setup in one big picture :)

My "Newtype" anime magazine collection, each magazine comes with a poster and a sampler dvd with episodes and trailers :)

My "Anime Insider" magazine collection, these are a good honest source of info, with alot of cool stuff :)

My "Shonen Jump" "Shojo Beat" and "Raijin Comics" manga books. i really liked the Raijin Comics manga books, its a shame they stopped making them

My life sized cardboard cut out of Speed Racer, old school visitors of my page may remember older pics of this guy from my site lol

The complete set of "Love Hina" Gamestop Exclusive figures. yea i opened 2 of them lol

My DBZ figures, I like the Tien, and as always you can see Yamcha in there with his yellow suit lol.

My Deluxe DBZ figures of Vegeta and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta :)

My Masters of the Universe (the new series) figures. I consider this series to be somewhat anime-like so i figured id throw them in the post as well lol.

Unopened Masters of the Universe figures, These consists of a Chase Mekaneck figure that only 1000 were made, a couple of Skeletor repaints, a prince Adam, flame armor Skeltor and a repaint of Tri-klops. Im an 80's guy so i couldnt help buying them lol

My Rurouni Kenshin figures, i got these at Gamestop with the love Hina Figures

My Gundam figures - these have alot of accessories/weapons and stuff, so this pic doesnt really dothem justice lol, I have the Nu Gundam from Char's Counterattack, Epyon, Battle Damaged Nataku, Maxter and RX-78, The ground Gundam from 08th MS team, the Dark gundam and even Toro gundam from G-gundam! lol

This was the first anime figure i ever bought, its a figure of Motoko. It looks like a statue, but she is fully poseable and suspended by solid hoses that can be moved around for different positions :)

this is my figure of Mimiru From .Hack//sign, i got it at gamestop as well on sale, so i only ended up payin about a dollar for her, a pretty good steal :)

My collection of Dragonball Cards. Yes all of those pages are full lol. I managed to buy most of them from a guy i knew for 10$ my patience paid off i guess and he lost interest in them, and i was there to pick them up :) there are all kinds from the CCG to japanese cards, to even spanish/Italian cards. DB, DBZ and DBGT

This is my Deluxe "Phoenix Ikki" figure from the anime "Saint Seiya" also knows as "Knights of the Zodia" Its my favorite figure because he comes with removeable armor, the next pic is with his armor equipped :) pretty cool lol.

AFTER - told you it was cool lol.

i have other figures and anime multimedia,but im going to save those for another post, but i do have an updated list of my anime collection :) Beware, it is pretty long, but if you do manage to read through it and have any questions, feel free to ask away and ill do the best i can to help you out :)

The Grand Finale lol - i may have missed a couple :)


Lupin the 3rd: Castle of Cagliostro
Lupin the 3rd: the Columbus Files
Lupin the 3rd: Island of assassins
Lupin the 3rd: Crisis in Tokyo
Lupin the 2rd: Dead or Alive
initial D: volume 3
Initial D: volume 4
Full Metal Alchemist: volume 1
Full Metal Panic The 2nd Raid" volume 2
king of fighters maximum impact: bonus disc
Trinity Blood: volume 1
Trinity Blood: volume 2
Trinity Blood: volume 3
Mouse: volume 2
Jubei Chan the ninja Girl: volume 1
Final Fantasy the spirits within
Final Fantasy Advent children
The guyver: volume 1
Devilman: volume 1
Sailor moon: secret of the Sailor scouts
Please Teacher!: volume 2
Lain: volume 2
Perfect Blue
Big O season 2: volume 1
Mobile suit Gundam 0080: Stardust Memory
G-Gundam: volume 1
G-Gundam: volume 6
G-Gundam: volume 10
G-Gundam: volume 11
G-Gundam: volume 12
Gundam Wing: Volume 9
Gundam Wing: volume 6
Gundam: 8th MS team :volume 1
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
New Dominion Tank Police: volume 1
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
Appleseed the motion picture (2004)
Ghost in the shell motion picture
Ghost in the Shell 2 : Innocence
Ghost in the shell SAC: colume 4
Ghost in the shell SAC: volume 7
Evangelion :volume 1
Evangelion: volume 2
Evangelion: volume 3
Evangelion: volume 4
Evangelion: volume 5
Evangelion: volume 7
Evangelion: volume 8
Evangelion Death and Rebirth
End of Evangelion
Evangelion Slim pack platinum box set
GANTZ slim pack box set
Doomed Megalopolis
Home Movies Season 1 box set
Robotech: Macross saga E1
Robotech: Macross saga E2
Robotech: Macross saga E4
Robotech the masters: volume 9
Robotech the masters: volume 10
Robotech Macross saga: volume 1
Robotech New Generation : volume 13
Robotech New Generation : volume 14
Gi Joe The movie
Transformers the movie
Transformers the movie: 20th anniversary edition
Saiyuki: volume 5
Saiyuki: volume 4
Saiyuki: volume 1
Saiyuki Requim : the motion picture
Trigun: high noon
Trigun: The 60 $$ man
.hack//sign: volume 1
.Hack/sign Legend of the twilight: volume 1
.Hack//sign volume 2
.Hack//sign volume 6
Eden's Bowy : volume 1
Berserk: volume 1
Van Helsing: The london assignment
Gungrave Beyond the grave: volume 1
Hellsing: volume 1
Hellsing: volume 2
Hellsing Ultimate: volume 1
Cowboy Bebop Remix: volume 1
Cowboy Bebop The movie
Zaion: volume 1
Argentosoma: volume 1
Argentosoma: volume 3
Patlabor the movie : WXIII
Patlabor the movie: 2
Patlabor - The new files: volume 1
Vandread the second stage: Sacrifice
Aura Battler Dunbine: volume 1
Wild Arms : volume 1
Sakura Wars the movie
Bastard The Complete collection
Escaflowne The movie
Lady Death: the motion picture
Burst Angel: volume 2
MADLAX: volume 1
Armitage: Dual Matrix
Millenium Actress
Gunslinger Girl: volume1
Yu Yu Hakusho: The rising Storm
Yu Yu Hakusho: Three kingdoms
Yu Yu Hakusho: Dreams of Power
Yu Yu Hakusho: in the blood
Night Warriors: Darkstalkers revenge
Ninja Scroll
Blood Omen: Curse of the Yoma
Samurai 7 : volume 1
Samurai Deeper Kyo : volume 2
Samurai Champloo : volume 1
Power Stone: volume 1
Boys over flowers: volume 1
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The rose collection 2
Ranma forever: initiation nite
Tokyo Pig: volume 1
Hamtaro: volume 1
Case Closed: Dubious Intent
Street Fighter Alpha Generations
Street Fighter: the Motion picture (uncut U.K. version )
Street fighter 2 V: series box set
Saint Seiya: volume 2
Speed Racer: volume 1
Speed Racer: volume 2
Speed Racer: volume 3
Speed Racer: volume 4
Inuyasha the movie 1
Inuyasha The movie 2
Inuyahsa: The thunder brothers
Inuyasha: the demon within
Inuyasha: season 1 box set
Rurouni Kenshin season 1 box set
Rurouni Kenshin: dreams of youth
Rurouni Kenshin: Soulless Knights
Rurouni Kenshin: battle in the moonlight
Samurai X the motion picture
Samurai X Trust and Betrayal Directors cut
GateKeepers: volume 1
GateKeepers 21: volume 1
Gatekeepers 21: volume 2
Princess Nine: Strike zone
Princess Nine: Bases loaded
Steel angel Kurumi: volume 2
Steel angel Kurumi: volume 3
Ah My goddess: volume 1
Ah My goddess: volume 2
Ah My goddess: volume 4
Tenchi in tokyo: volume 1
Tenchi Muyo: volume 1
Tenchi Muyo: Volume 4
Tenchi universe: voume 1
Zone of the enders: Idolo
Zone of the enders: Dolores
Rahxephon: volume 2
Rahxephon: volume 3
The 12 Kingdoms: volume 1
The 12 kingdoms: volume 2
The 12 Kingdoms: volume 3
Gasaraki: volume 1
Gasaraki: volume 4
Generator Gawl: volume 2
Generator Gawl: volume 3
Generator Gawl: volume 4
Gantz: volume 1
Gantz: volume 2
Zoids: the high speed battle
Zoids: The battle begins
Dragonball Z: season 1 box set
Dragonball Z: season 2 box set
Dragonball Z: Arrival
Dragonball: volume 1
Dragonball: volume 2 (includes "curse of the blood Rubies" dragonabll movie)
Dragonball: General Blue saga
Dragonball: Piccolo jr. saga
Dragonball Z: The Price of victory
Dragonball Z: new uncut Saiyan showdown
Dragonball Z: new uncut Into the wild
Dragonball Z: new uncut Piccolo's plan
Dragonball GT: Generations
Dragonball GT: Incubation
Dragonball GT: lost episodes volume 1
Dragonball Z: The Return of cooler
DBZ: Broly's second coming
DBZ: Bio Broly uncut
DBZ: Bojack Unbound
DBZ: super android 13
DBZ: Broly legendary super saiyan
DBZ: Snake way
DBZ: Arrival of the Ginyu force
DBZ: the tree of might
DBZ: The worlds strongest
DBZ: The dead zone
Legend of Crystania
Vampire hunter D
Blue Seed box set
Aqua Teen hunger force volume 2
Masters of the universe: season 1 box set
GiJoe season 1 box set
Masters of the universe : 10 best episodes dvd set
Ninja scroll series box set
Gatchaman season 1 box set
Record of lodos War Chronicles of the heroic knight box set
Thundercats: season 1 volume 1 box set
Thundercats: season 1 volume 2 box set
Thundercats: season 2 volume 1 box set
Steamboy collectors gift set
The original transformers: season 1
The orginal transformers: season 3-part 1
My neighbors the yamadas
Princess mononoke
My neighbor totoro
Porco Rosso
Nausicaa of the valley of the wind
Pom Poko
Spirited away
Howls moving castle
Kikis delivery service
Castle in the sky
The Cat Returns
Whisper of the Heart

DBGT: Entire Series
Dbgt: A heros legacy
DBGT: the lost episodes volume 2
DBZ: The history of trunks
DBZ: Bardock father of goku
DBZ: Coolers revenge
DBZ: the return of cooler
DBZ: Buu saga- Fusion saga
Ghost in the shell (2)
Sailor moon R the movie
Sailor moon S the movie
Sailor moon super S the movie
Maison Ikoku: soichiro's shadow
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2
Patlabor: volume 1
Transformers Energon: Omega supreme
roujin Z
Heavy Metal
Final Fantasy: the spirits within
Record of Lodoss War: colume 1
Record of lodoss war: volume 2
Record of lodoss war: volume 3
Transformers: Heroes-The rebirth
Aeon Flux
Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Evil Tower
Voltage Fighters: Gowcaizer the movie
Street Fighter 2
The Wings of Honneamise
Tenchi The movie: Tenchi muyo in love (2)
Ninja Ressurection
Macross 2: Lovers again
Battle arena Toshiden
Spawn (the original animation)
Yu yu hakusho the movie: poltergeist report (2)
Ninja Scroll (2)
Dragonball: The Mystical adventure (2)
Dragonball: The curse of the blood rubies (2)
Dragonball: volume 4 The Ox king and Fire mountain

Recorded VHS
The Weathering continent
10 Tokyo Warriors
Special Duty Combat unit: Shinesman
Macross Plus: entire series
.Hack//sign: entire series
Outlaw star: entire series
Gundam Wing : entire series
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
G-Gundam: Entire series
Cowboy Bebop: entire series
Trigun: entire series
Big O season 2: entires series
Witch hunter robin: entire series
FLCL: entire series
Blue Gender: entire series
Street fighter 2 : entire series
The gokusen
Mirage og Blaze
Samurai Deeper Kyo

Lupin the 3rd
Dragonball Z
Yu yu hakusho
Rurouni Kenshin
Saint Seiya
Saiyuki Reload

live action

These 4 movies star Sonny chiba and are in a 2 dvd set (very cool)
Karate Warriors
the Bodyguard
The Street fighter
the Return of the Street Fighter

The Great Yokai War
Dog bite Dog
New police Story
Rumble in the Bronx
Drunken Master
Jackie Chan's Project A-2
the Protector
Memoirs of a Geisha
Seven Swords
the Warrior
Curse of the Golden Flower
Forbidden Warrior
Fist of the North star
Butterfly sword
Rapid fire
Kung fu hustle
Fulltime killer
House of flying daggers
The princess blade
Ong Bak the thai warrior
Samurai ressurection
The Returner

Anime Related Videogames

Playstation 2

Galactic Wrestling (ultimate muscle)
Street Fighter alpha anthology
Suikoden Tactics
suikoden 3
suikoden 4
Suikoden 5
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon
Mobile suit Gundam: Zeonic Front
Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo
Mobile suit gundam: encounters in space
Mobile Suit gundam Seed: Never ending tommorrow
MS Saga
zone of the Enders 2
Xenosaga: episode 1
Gungrave Overdose
.Hack infection
.Hack Mutation
.Hack Outbreak
ephemereral Fantasia
Wild Arms 3
Orphen: Scion of sorcery
Ghost in the Shell: standalone Complex
DragonQuest 8
Lupin the 3rd: treasure of the sorcerer king
Inuyasha: the secret of the cursed mask
DBZ budokai 1
DBZ Budokai 2
DBZ Budokai 3
DBZ budokai Tenkaichi 1

other systems coming soon :)

Well i think that will be it for today lol, i really enjoyed getting it together for you today and i really had alot of fun. I hope you all enjoy this post as much as i enjoyed building it :)

Stay Strong and remember im here if you need me :)


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