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Im glad to be back up and running here on Myotaku/Theotaku. Im also excited that the origin of my status here at theotaku has been revived along with this Myotaku page. This is where my Journey began. Many years ago i built this page to begin an adventure through anime, and i am proud to say that this page is proof that my adventure is still just as strong as the day it began ^^ I thank my friends for their support (Enin, xaos, Bulma, SunfallE, Adam, Someguy) - many more to list soon - and their drive that keeps me looking ahead to what lies beyond what we know as the world of anime ^^

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I'll be back soon ^_^

Hey guys,

Im about to give the AOL people a call and cancel my free trial before they start charging my mother's bank account lol. Hopefully they will give me another free month, until i can get my I.D. If they give me another free month, ill get online and edit my post to let you all know ^^, if not, ill be sure to be back online sometime within this week or next week. When im back, ill be sure to post some new pics of some new anime and hopefully some new pics of my ^^

Well i hope to see you all really soon ^_^

stay strong,


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Saturday, March 26, 2005

I'm Not going anywhere ^^

Hey guys,

Im sorry i havent posted in a few days, ive been really busy these past couple of days. I went shopping for food yesterday and spent alot of money lol. i also bought some new anime stuff ^^

Legend of Mana for the playstation
Arc the Lad for the Playstation 2
Ghost in the Shell for the playstation ( a very rare game to find)

and Ghost in the Shell: stand alone complex -volume 4

My free trial of AOL ends tommorrow, but im sure they will give me another free month, until i get my I.D. so i can prove to them i am who i say i am lol. but if they dont, when i get my ID, ill get the internet pretty quick ^^

even though i wasnt online much , i was still able to chat with some friends ^^ I just want to thank you guys for still visiting, even though i didnt post.

you guys are the greatest ^^

I hope to see you all soon ^^

stay strong,


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   So far away

Hey guys ^^
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Sorry i didnt post yesterday, I was too busy chatting with friends and cleaning at the same time lol. I did watch some anime when i go home after work though ^^ so i fulfilled my promise ^^ I watched "Ghost in the Shell 2: innocence" and ill write a little bit about later in the post.

These past few days, ive been on an emotional roller coaster. at times im happy and at times i feel like im losing touch with everything. I think its from being lonely all the time, but im not sure. I was getting better at talking to girls, but that strange scary feeling keeps coming back when i get around them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Maybe im scared of being happy?

There are so many questions in life i wish i could answer and they are all bombarding me at once. People keep telling me that everyone has someone out there, and that when i get a girlfriend, she's going to be pretty lucky, but i have to find her first right lol? You know, i dont want money or success in life, I want love and happiness. It's like the phrase goes-

"People die, Buildings burn..........but true love lasts forever."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Now onto my anime collection picks of the day ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ghost in the Shell 2: innocence

Personally , I though this film was great. I was surprised at the fact that i had one of the rare dvd copies that didnt have an english audio track and i ended up watching the whole thing with subtitles, but it didnt take anything way from the movie at all ^^ Visually and emotionally, this anime had it all. The animation was so crisp and clear, and at times it seemed as if a million things were going on at one time. The characters were from the first Ghost in the shell film and this movie has great references on how their lives have changed since the events in the first film. Alongside of having great animation, this movie also had a great plot, intrigued with philisophical standpoints and religous beliefs, which was often confusing at times, but understandable with time. If you are an anime fan of the first Ghost in the shell movie, you can pass this one up ^^

Well, I guess thats all i have for today, I plan on watching anime all day tommorrow, so get ready for a bigtime post with pictures and reviews ^^ I hope you guys enjoyed.

I thank you all for visiting,

stay strong,
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