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Monday, April 24, 2006

   omfg! i'm tired of these fucking assholes!!
okays...lemme start with what happened sunday!

i went down to the local ...store thingy...by myself just to get sum popcorn cuz i was hungy, and sum bitch i don't even know stars in on me. and i mean seriously, THIS BITCH WAS ALL UP IN MY FACE AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHO THE FUCK SHE WAS!!
she was pushing her face into me asking me what MY problem was when i was just tryin to go home. then she jumped RIGHT into me, face firts, for no reason, and up until then i hadn't said a single word cuz i didn't give a fuck anymore, but then i called her a bitch and pushed her back, outta my face,and she thought it was an invatation to slap me...shes so stupid though and missed...hitting my shoulder...so i socked her, then she jumped on me like she was actually going to do sumthin to me..haha! in the end the bitch only left ONE mark on me before the fucking bystanders separated us....mutherfuckers....i was in a bad moood...i'd of killed her... so she walked away with a bloody lip and a black eye,and i only had a huge ass scratch on my cheek where she actually slapped me... and then this new neighbor down the street told her 7year-old daughter she wasn't alowed to play four-square with us--the neighborhood kids--cuz we were mean and nasty kids, so i was all like EXCUSE MEEEE!?? and she didn't hear me, but her husband, of whom she is divorsing, decided to tell her...and she started in on me saying she was going to tell my mother, and i was like I DON'T REALLY CARE, MY MOM WOULD AGREE WITH ME! and then she walked away...yay! i won twice....but thatrs not the point...this fucking town is a peice a shit and now my fingers are cramping so i'm gonna stopp writ...ow!

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