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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Begining of my end
“Will you please shut him up; I can’t stand that annoying noise?” I said to Pin-Head as I was working on the outer wall. He waved toward the chatterer and it stopped clicking its teeth. “Ok, according to my research this should bring out what you want” I said proudly. Pin- Head said, “If it is what you say then you will have earned the right to keep your soul”. “Just turn the handle and both our dreams will come true”, I mumbled to myself hoping I didn’t make any mistakes. Pin- Head turned the mechanism counter clockwise and all the building shook as all the gears, pumps, and leavers engaged in their malevolent act.
Just as I hoped the building glowed and was lifted by a colossal spiral tower. Pin- Head coldly said, “You may go now”, seeing that I delivered what I had promised. I was more enthusiastic about that order than I should have been; considering what kind of people I was skipping away from. In retrospect I thought I should have run as fast as I could out of their. I knew the tower well and found it easier to leave than anticipated.
Where as Pin- Head’s plan was to open the doorway to hell, my plan was a lot more elaborate. I had theorized that forcing this structure into existence would have more perks than that sadistic bastard would ever imagine. And as though answering my prayers I heard the roaring of a motorcycle climbing the wall.
The tower was based in almost every way after the tower from one of my favorite video games and if the tower is real then a hero is destined to break the tower down. But in case of the hero’s failure, I hid an ace up my sleeve and loosened a few safety locks that would eventually do one of three things: Collapse the tower if someone tries to fully open its gates, Leek energy into the human race and possibly make some strong enough to fight, and or break its own mechanisms and destroy the box and the tower. I was very proud of my little sense of deceit, but pride is one of the deadly sins.
Turns out the hero that came out of the wood work was an incarnation of Ghost Rider. Thankfully my plans three possible results all came to pass. That, however, does not mean I got off scot-free. Ghost Rider cornered me at the base of what was the tower and proceeded to beat the answers out of me. I didn’t absorb enough energy to do anything to defend myself and to make it worse; the ghost rider’s flames affected my body and soul due to the demonic nature of the energy.
When he had all his answers he said, “I don’t care what deal you made with the devil, I’m going force you into hell!” As Ghost Rider shot fire from his mouth I became something else and jumped to the top of the nearest small building. I became like Jester from “Devil May Cry 3”, the same game the tower came from. My personality also changed to match my new body. I said, while suppressing the laughter, “A deal is a deal and the devil isn’t the only one allowed to use loop holes.” With that said I ran off laughing and teleporting.

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