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Monday, February 4, 2008

somethin doesnt seem right...
ok so i just got home from skool a couple mins ago and i was in the kitchen when i think i heard my brother scream. he was outside by his car...then he came in all pissed like..and now hes bein unusually quite....hmm...
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im so tired!! skool is gay..it gets in the way of everything..it wouldnt be AS bad if it started at like 2 o'clock so i i could take my sweet time gettin around and AGHHH!! LOL I TOLD U I WAS TIRED!! I JUST ABOUT DRANK MOISTURIZER STUFF!! =O come think of it when did that get there....lol well cya i gotta stare at this moisturizer till i figure it out lol XD
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

the fuckin superbowl is on today...im not sure about u but i cant stand football...actually i cant stand watching ANY sport!! Not to mention my mom makes hot wings for it...*gag* i dunno about u but thats like the worst food EVER!! Yeah i bet most of u think im crazy now right? Well i absolutely cant stand them!! they taste bad enough but they smell worse!! i dont know how my brother can think that they smell AWESOME!! they sicken me...it seriously makes me all light headed and shit..ugh..aw shit..lol my brother just read this post over my shoulder!! =O time to go!! bye-bye..
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

i know i should probably be telling all my old friends that i have a new site....but thats boring!! so ima just go and sit in da corner of my room..and read my manga!! WoOt manga!! lol. if u happen to read this alex, its another one with the "hot girl" in it that u like so much!!
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Friday, February 1, 2008

yay birdie!!
for those of u who know kristin, i got to talk to her yesterday!! i was so happy!! lol so was she, she was about in tears!! then again so was i..but yeah shes already where i thought she was..se wont be back in michigan for awhile cuz her mom could get arrested..T.T but at least shes safe. she doesnt have a computer or a phone so oh yay...*sarcasm*
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