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HEY! I'm going to put something else in here, just because the other intro was annoying me. So yeah, I'm a Anime addict. I belong to an organization called O.S.A.M.A which stands for Organization of Spiffy Anime and Manga Addicts. I like writing fanfictions and drawing fanart, not well I might add. My FanFiction.net account is: EssenceoftheNinja. My Gaia is: Sakura_No_Kawaii, but don't add me, I'll probably decline the request. So yeah, That is the essence of what is me. ^.^

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alright, I've some to the conclusion that I'm gay.But not in the way that you're thinking.
I'm gay for guys. No, that doesn't make any sense, but one of my guy friends was like, "You're too cool to be a straight girl. You're like one of those gay guys that are just SO awesome, that even the straightest conservative would go gay for you."
So yeah. I'm a gay guy that has long hair, boobs and a vagina.
Don't get me wrong, I love being a girl. Espeacially the fact that I can wear dresses, lipstick, and even ask a guy to be my Valentine. Wiithout getting shot.

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