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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm doing alot better then yesterday.
I guess he was just being crappy. (And so was I.)
Well, this morning before school, I decided to see if he would talk to me, and he did. ^^
I showed him one of my drawings that I did, and he put it in his pocket. I was all like "..Give it back." lol
Anyways, he said it was good!!! yAY!! ^_^
Then, before the bell rang for class, he gave it back to me, and he also handed me a little container full of something.
I was like "...what the hell is this?"
Him "Plant it and find out."
Me: "..Am I going to get in trouble for this?"
Him: "No, just plant it and find out."
So, um, yeah, I have no idea what he gave me.
'Course, he isn't the type of person that would bring anything bad to school.
If he was, I wouldn't be his friend.
Oh well. So anyways, I sniffed it, (XD) and it smelt like gum!!! XD
And then I smelt it again, and some of it went up my nose!! XD

I think I need to go now!! (I have to eat!!!)
See you guys later!!!! X3

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