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Monday, July 25, 2011

Like... Whoaaa... OwO**
When i see a mongoose i wanna give it a waffle~Nivia~
  • Name:Nivi-chan or "nivi"
  • Gender:Female..
  • Birthday:02-08-95
  • Location:Somewhere awesome
  • Occupation:Soulreaper in training
  • Achievements:beating ppl in videogames
  • Goals:to be awesome!

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>>Wicked Life of Nivi-chan<<

Domm Doom Da Di Doomie Doom Doom

Well... my name is Nivia...i like to be random...im 14 and i live in the US, Florida to be specific.. i like anime,music and i play guitar.. drawing is cool and i play video games.. XD if u wanna challenge me well heres my gamer tag in PSN
**its supposed to say OWNAGE but me kinda messed up...** well if u wanna know more just ask..XD =) *+*+*+*(by the way..if u start to pick a fight...dnt worry you'll gey one!! cause im not afraid of anyone if u F**K with me u got ur self into a world of HURT!....yes im crazy...but thats just me...dnt like it??? o well...deal with it..)*+*+*+*+* also im a HUGE Gir FAN!!!! XD hes just my HERO!!!!! XD XD i know im weird...but its just me!! DOOM DA DI DOOMIE DOOM DOOM!!! ~^*+PUNK IS NOT DEAD+*^~ hopefully ill be able to get Xbox Live sometime later...and ill update and put my gamer tag on here!! =)

email me:Wicked_nivichan666@yahoo.com

What did u think?:

omg!!! squeeblesss!! :DD its been like.. FOREVERS!!! duuuude, good times on this site... if only i can screw around with the html to fix up the place, it seems i've messed it up again by placing wrong stuff xD (gotta be more careful) so yeahhhhhh i shall be posting. its been over 2YEARS BROOO!!! and i've changed alot since then :) and yeaaaah, lifes been okays. :P just got done watching all of invader zim. Season uno! :DDDDDD now too work on season two and tresssss! @w@

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