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Thursday, August 10, 2006

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Hallo ppl! watz^? Well Im going to my grandpas house this weekend starting Friday morning at 6:00 my time. T.T so early. But I have to go to registraition first. So lets see... I have to be IN Osceola AT school at 9:00. Itll take us 2 hours to get there. So we have to leave at 7 see? Then after registration im going straight down to my grandpa's!! Yay!! Its been so long since ive seen him!! ::hugs Gpa:: ^^ lol Ill only be there for the weekend but as soon as we get back from my Gpa's we are going straight to meet my dad so i can go to his house for the week and then ill be there for the next weekend too. TT.TT Im gonna miss you guys! TT.TT I wont be able to get on the computer and post and see how you guys are for like ::counts on fingers:: 15 days!! Thats 2 whole weeks + one day! TT.TT Ill miss you guys sooo much! T.T ::sniff:: ill try and comment on everyone 1 last time b4 i leave... i promise ill get on and post and comment on everyone as soo as i get back!

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