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Hello Peepoles! i love anime! i lik ta do xangaaim and anime related stuff. i lik making friends....wanna be my friend!?! im not usually hyper but im always hyper on da internet. i go ta saquoia middle. and im 12.
ttyl! bibi!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Okay so don't kill me cz I have't updated...updating isn't really my thing...when I decide to do it everyday it last for about weeks and dies down...sori! @_@

Okay updates...are there any updates? *scratches head* hmmm...well there is this one but that was a while ago but you don't know about it...well might as well put it up seeming I am bored besides reading right now ok so here is the update that was a whle ago...

We have electives for 7th grade and I'm sure oyu know hwat an elective is being the smart ones that you are....waell if you dont' here..its classes you want to take....okay so they give you 5 slots to put what you want to do for an elective but you only get 3 of them. Well I had one spot left and I thought you had to put all five so I put drama but I don't want drama...besides I thought that I wouldn't get drama since it was at the end of my list. THe teachers say it's hard to get into drama so put it in the first 2 but I didn't want drama so I put it at the bottom thinking that I wouldn't get it but unfortunatlly...my thought backfired on me..now I'm stuck in drama. Now I didn't want any solos are parts where you had to talk but I had to at lesat get parts so I just wanted parats in the esemlies (sp?) okay well that also backfired on me. Now I have 2 solos and 2 talking parts, not to mention the regular singing parts where everyone is in or certian people where u just sing and all with everyone else...so yeah now I'm dreading I put that in...:'( But to tell the truth it is fun but not fun at the same time. My first solo is siing the part for "Seasons of Love" a song from RENT. my other one is Jasmin from Alladin singing "A Whole New World" unfortnally the person beign Alladin isn't the best person I would like to do it wiht....heh we aren't even friends...we fon't even like each other to even say Hi...we aren't enimies bt we kinda are....and my other 2 parts that I need to talk in is being Rizzo from Grease and we also have to sing one of the songs...heheh...I forgot what the song is called...-___-" okay and another part for two songs "A Hard Knock Life" and another song from Annie.....and so yeah there ya go...well toodles!^-^


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Sunday, September 25, 2005

ok u see today my friend alexa introed me to these 2 other peepoles. well then my 3 other frinds who were on aim were bored so i introed them to the peepoles i got introed on. this was all in one chat room. well one of my friends started to do all these questions and talking and the 2 peepoles i got introed on got mad. well then ok so there were only 2 of my friends but then one invited the other one to join and then he started asking lik whose this and that and lik everyone got mad except 2 of my friends. well 1 of them was the one i got introed on and the other 1 was lik the one who got invited by another friend of mine. adn so now its lik so jubled up and confusing....ur probably reading this and saying what the hec! yea it is confusing. huh........... ok so yea thats the story. well ttyl! i no this is lik a post that is so interesting cuz i havent ritten one in a while but its confusing so bye!

Idon't know which way the wind will blow...but I know this is not goodbye."

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Monday, August 15, 2005

today i started my volleyball class. now my arms have little purple dots cuz of the ball. ugh. but it was fun. well ttyl!stay in touch!


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Saturday, July 2, 2005

yay...i finally got an icon...its tomoyo! i also got a chatter box. i never new we could put chatter boxes in these. i knew we could in xanga but now i hwve one here too. so now i might be able to actually have a somewhat anime related anime site on otaku!ttyl!


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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Schools out
ok so my school ended lik a week ago but oh well. i cant seem to find titles for the posts. any ways if u peoples want to visit the site my friends and i made go to http://www.freewebs.com/xxfruitsbasketxx

thats da site. there nothing on . just lik this site i need to update it. well da only reasons my friends havent gone on it is cause they need to do it on da library computer cause their computer internet doesnt work for some strange reason. its all about anime to answer that question. i dont see what else it would be abiout. lol. well ttyl!


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