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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hiya all. *yawns and stretches* I got up not to long ago and when I did wake up my grandparents were here [still are 2] and mom was making pizza. I had two pieces and then I was done. I didn't even finish all of the second one. I threw it out. *makes a face* and now I'm sick to my stomach and just want to curl up and go back to bed. --but I can't -.-

Things are...I don't know. They're getting there but they aren't quite alright. *sighs*

It's snowing. I wish it would have snowed later in the evening so we could have school off(x.x) we might have school off anyway if the Teacher's Strike has it's way. [lol-yes the teachers are having a strike] i think that's tuesday though when they have a 'sick day'. And also, i had heard from my parents that during the WESTEST they are going to have a 'blue day'. [lol] i wanna see how this will turn out!

I better get off. I have a lot of homework to go do and yea...tests to study for, math to understand. Oh so complicated -.-

[Let me know how your day has been! ^^]



Dreams and Wishes will always come true...YOU|JUST|HAVE|2.*.*.WoRk|HaRd.*.*.2|AChiEvE|THeM|||

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Friday, March 2, 2007

i have a feeling i screwed up everything. no...

scratch that. i KNOW i screwed up everything. i tried to prevent something that was going to happen but in the end i made it worse.

...so much worse. i decided i'm going to reveal the 2 main things that have been trapped within my mind. i'm going to tell you my plans. i still have yet to talk to my mom and hopefully i can convince her.

i want out of west virginia...for good. either that into a different town or something. idc...


1. mom & lets me live with my grandparents...(i really don't like that idea but i rather live with them then stay in this hell hole) and let's me attend the high school near their house.

2. mom & dad ship me off to boarding school. i really like this idea b/c at least. (possibly) i'll have interent. my grandparents have a computer but...no internet.


3. we move.

of course the last one is out b/c my parents swore never to move again. *sighs* idrc though...

i'll tell you how it works out in the end. until then

c ya


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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my day was...well....let's just say it was fucked up =]

my head is spinning, i'm always thinking about the same thing. my friends...idk what to do or say anymore! i'm always sitting there in class thinking and in choir i've stopped singing! i felt eyes on my face and knew Jessica was trying to see if i was singing or not _-_

*sighs* thoughts are zooming by and i'm trying really hard to grasp them. but they slip from my fingers before i can get a thought down and reason for it being there.

i've got a plan inside my head and i was accidentally talking out loud to myself and yeah...one person heard me and the other got curious...@_@ so yea...even though my plan is not...worked out yet ppl know about it...i just hope i can follow through.

i got a part in the play...i'm...THE APPLE LADY! @_@ ....idk why tho...i'm not fit to say lines or anything..i'll probably fall off the stage _-_

T^T i'm scared. i think i'ma go..i'm working on my story and i have to get my plan written out.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

TIME POSTING: before school starts

i'm afraid to go to school....^^''

i'm really afraid....

o.o' deandra and thomas...x.x

hope i live!

T^T i'm scared...i don't want them to kill me.









~.~ i seriously hope they don't kill me...O.o

oh well...i gotta finish getting ready...WISH MEH LUCK!


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Sunday, February 25, 2007

i can't do anything...

not even while my friends are hurting...

that's why i left...

but i'm back...

i wish i wasn't either...

i don't want to be here...

i can't do anything right...

i can't help my friends...

wtf is wrong with me...?

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Friday, February 23, 2007

things are changing...what am i going to do?

idk what's happening...everything is just...it's disappearing quickly...to quickly.

one of my best friends seems to be upset with me and idk what i did! i tried to open up to her b/c i'm always getting yelled at by her and the others that i don't talk enough and i try and she just...shuns me...

so yea...soemthing isn't right. it's a feeling i have. *sighs* idk what to do...

i'm just gonna go...i don't feel well enough to continue this pointless post


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

changed my theme

tell me what u think

oh yea...i made the header and the background. hope ya like em

anyways, bye


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hiya ppl.

hmm...idk what i should post about.

my computer is being slow and stuid...x.x again. *sighs*

for the play this year we're doing Annie. Tryouts were today and i was in a group of 5. lol, it was fun...every member was nervous when we had to sing solo the song "Tomorrow" lol, it's been stuck in my head for a LONG time.

hmm...after tryouts i ran to the truck and Thomas (he tried out also/he was in my group) asked me if i had seen a black car or something, so i took of running again to see but i couldn't see anything. when i got into the truck my dad has this serious face and he says "You need to stop that." i got scared. lol

Me: "Wha?"
Dad: "You need to stop that." *still serious*
Me: *nervous that i had done something wrong* "Oh...sorry..."
Dad: "Play season is in you need to stop running."

lol i sighed with reliefe. anyway last May i broke the growth bone in my ankle. x.x it was painful and it was during play season too. so, i'm taking caution this year!!!

lol...well as we were driving away from the parking lot we passed thomas and i said "blow the horn." my dad did and he jumped! it was hysterical!

"I thought you were gonna shoot me!!!" he exclaimed as i rolled down my window, laughing.

lol, i want to tell jessii that but iono if she's back from bowling. xD

well, i can't visit anyone today...sorry. i'll c ya all later!!


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Saturday, February 17, 2007

i. hate. life.
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Thursday, February 15, 2007


sorry i haven't posted. i would've yesterday but the internet was down. *yawns* i just woke up.

yesterday was a lot of fun. lol. me and my brother (alex) went outside in the snow and attacked eachother. lol. i came in and warmed up up milk and made a peanut butter & jelly sandwhich. *sighs*

today is a snowday. *sighs* yesterday we had school but we shouldn't have. the roads were bad after school was already in session. The superintedant WAS going to let us go home early but he thought better of it. x.x

oh well, i went home early anyway. my parents didn't trust the busses being safe on the roads. so they picked up my 2 brothers and me. i was in science class too. -_- damn...i have notes i gotta copy. x.x

i didn't get to wish u all a happy valentine's yesterday so here it is...

Happy (late) Valentines Day!


i'll try and egt to all ur sites today ppl. if i don't, sorry. well, tty all later!


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