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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Current mood: Good!
Current song: Perish by Moi Dix Mois

How is everyone? I am great! ^.^ So sorry I haven't been on! ^.^; I shall try and do my best to get on more! I might be gettting internet back! ^.^ Yay! Only if I get a job first! >.< Grr
This week was my first week back at school! Gah! I missed it so much! I have at least one friend in every class...that makes me happy!

3| | |My Schedule!| | |4
1. US history
2. Theartre Arts
3. Algebra 1
4. Pshchology/Soicalogy!

In first I have two friends Brandal and Daniel and in 2nd I have 3 friends Nick, Zack and Jeremy. In 3rd there is just plank..and in 4th there is Lumpy, CeCe, and Chastity! ^.^ But Chastity has been at school for the last 3 days....because she's suspended! XD Gah! that's typical Chastity....! >.<
I might be getting a cell phone! yay! ^.^ But anyways...I am going to go for now! I shall try to get to the library again Monday! Love ya all!!
Ashiteru yo!


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