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Friday, January 5, 2007

Current mood: Good!
Current song: Protoplasm by Rentrer En Soi

How is everyone? I am great! ^.^ But anyways...I am still at my aunt's house. I should be here until tomarrow. So tomarrow will be the last time I can update until school....which is Monday. ^.^ I am kinda excited and kinda nervouse! >.<
Last night I talked to Bou and Shin-Chan. I had a blast! Shin-Chan died her hair red so she had told me....(Shin~Chan, I hope your hair looks awesome!!!) Then I talked to Bou for a few hours! We talked about Malice Mizer and how everyone at my home said I look like Mana! XD Lol! Then we talked about Gackt and his song Vanilla...I found the lyrics! OMG! They make me blush! XD lol.
Let's see I have found some other bands....I finally heard Nightmare!! I love them!! They kick @$$!!! XD Then I heard Cellt, Lareine, Kurt, Dolly, Unsraw and Rentrer En Soi! They all kick ass!!!! Well I must be off! I shall tlak to you later! ^.^

My Hide picture down at the bottom is a button to my Hide Tribute site! So please join! ^.^ bye bye!!

Ashiteru yo!




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