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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Current mood: Good!
Current song: Yurameki by Dir en Grey

How is everyone? I am great! ^.^ I am bored! Gah! I am listening to Yurameki! ^.^ Omg! My little sister that was all about Miyavi is now all obsessed with Mana! ^.^ Oh and you know my Mr.Wonderful Kyo that's on my site...on here new site it's got Mr. Wonderful Mana! ^.^ Gah! Oh could you all check out her site please...XxManaLoverxX!!! ^.^ Gah! Oh let's see...I heard 12012 finaly and Sulfuric Acid! But My quest for more Jrock contunes! ^.^ Let's see...Me and My ex-gf are back together! Yay! ^.^ Omg...I was watching the news report about Hide's death and I broke down in tears like a big baby! Gah! I love Hide! T.T R.I.P. Hide! Well I am going to go! Bye bye! Oh and My mamow is alright! ^.^ Well g2g!

Ashiteru yo!


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