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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Current mood: Good!
Current song: kodou by Dir en Grey

How is everyone? I am back! So how was everyone's Christmas? Mine is good! I got $100! ^.^ I bought me a new pair of bondage pants and I got me a new cure magizine!!!! ^.^ It's got NOIZ on it! I can't find music by them! >.< Gah! >.< I am still looking...let's see... I have heard Pshycho le Cemu and I got to hear Kagrra! I like them alot!! ^.^ My Mamow is haveing surgery! T.T I hope she gets through it okay! oH AND I am at my aunt's house! ^.^ Yay! ^.^ I should be here about 2 or 3 days! Well I am going to run and find some more Jrock! ^.^

Ashiteru yo!



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