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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Current mood: Good!
Current song: golden wing by an cafe

Konnichiwa! ^.^ How is everyone? I am good! But anyways....Chastity was in a car crash yesturday! T.T Thank God she's okay thou! T.T In English today we read a story about the Americans bombing Hiroshima. Has anyone ever read the book Aoi Yoshi....well I can't remember how to spell the rest...T.T But anyways.... If you have have you ever noticed that the people in the manga have Jrock names? Like Aoi, Kaoru and Miyavi....just some examples....Oh and I may not be able to update tomarrow...but I shall do my best and try! ^.^ I've got 4 cards and 1 present for X-mas so far! Chastity got me a teddy bear that talks!!! ^.^ Yay! ^.^ Oh could anyone give me some good Jrock band names...I am looking for some more bands to get into! ^.^ I hot gooooood news...my sister has finally found the jrock band of her dreams! ^.^ We was listening to one of my jrock mix cds and she asked me who it was we was listening too and I said it's X Japan and she was like I like them alot...then we went to the libary and she was listening Tear's by X Japan...She's like I think X Japan is the Jrock Band of my dreams! ^.^ I was like Yay! NO MORE NARUTO!!!!! lol She said that the lead singer was her favorite! ^.^ Gah! I said I perfer Hide....She looked at me and said......."isn't he dead?" I was like "....YES!T.T" Gah! *cries* So she made her another site and it's all X Japan and if you all could look at it I would be truly great ful....It's called XxJapanxX5459! ^.^ Thanks! My other sister is Miyavi obessed! ^.^ She is like MIYAVI IS MINE! lol! ^.^' She even got into a fight with my friend Traci over him! lol! But Traci got over him when she saw Klaha! Lol! ^.^ Well I guess I shall go before this post turns into a life story! lol! Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!

~Kyoko! ^.^

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