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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Current Mood: Good!
Current Song: Invoke by TM revolution!

Konnichiwa! How are you all today? I am good! ^.^ I didn't get to see the Chihuahau. T.T Sally never called to tell us where to go and find her! T.T Grr! GRRR!!!! Chastity started dating Duckman! So she's done with me comopletely now! So yeah...Oh well....I didn't get mad or upset like she thought I would...I just said "Congradulations!" ^.^ HAHA CHASTITY I DON'T LOVE YOU LIKE THAT ANYMORE!!!! HAHA!!! Yeah...I stilll love her...just as a friend thou! ^.^ I am excited about Saturday! I get to see Darrel! ^.^ Yay! I love Darrel! ^.^ Well I guess I shall go!

Ashiteru yo Sayanara!



1. What's your favorite Jrock Band?
2. Who's your favorite Jrocker?
3. Who's your best friend on MyO?
4. What's you favorite Jrock song?

My anwers

1. Dir en grey
2. Kyo
3. Well I have more then one! ^.^ Crimson-Rose, PeachesXCream, PunThicPanda, Lemurturtle, Addicted to Jrock, TigerFantasy17...etc.
4. The Final! ^.^

Favorite Jrock songs

1. The Final by diru
2. Gardenia by Malice Mizer
3. Fantasy by Alice Nine
4. Cassis by Gazette
5. Redemption by Gackt
6. Pop is dead by Miyavi
7. Invoke by Tm Revolution
8. Yurameki by Diru
9. Syuni Kiss by Malice Mizer
10. Mizerable by Gackt!

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