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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Current Mood: Good!
Current Song: Jesus Christ RnR by Dir En Grey!

Konnichwia! How is everyone? I am good! but You know what I hate...people who say die is fat! How could they! Die has a very very very sexy body! >.< So I took this button from Bou...

Die is smexy and if anyone has something else to say about him being fat they can answer to my fists! *evil glares* Well Guess what everyone I am grounded! Grr! Pisses me off! Grrr! OH my Sister Ashytaka (jrockqueen5459) got me a Ranma 1/2 book!! Yay! RANMA!! ^.^

Well I g2g! Ttyl! bye bye! Saynora! Ashiteru yo!


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