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Thursday, December 7, 2006


Current Mood: Pissed!
Current Song: Golden Wing by An Cafe

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! But this chick on here called "HellsDarkAngel" said that she doesn't like me because I clam that I am Kyo's number 1 fan! But you know what SCREW HER! I have clamed that title because I meet him....I somewhat talked to him....and gave him a necklace and ring! AND I GOT TO HUG HIM!!!! AND I GET TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!! Gah! I hate people like that! Gah! Just read what she wrote!

HellsDarkAngel (12/06/06)

I dont wanna be your friend...i hate ppl who say im Kyos biggest fan...cause your not...you have to be his biggest fan next to me...so either we're both his biggest fan or you stay away from my site!

[ delete entry ]

Gah! She had no clue! Gah! Just look at my room! Half of my websites! Grrr! But anyways....I am also upset because my school is trying to kick Chastity out! >.< They found out that she isn't zoned for my school am trying to make her go to Fulton! I don't want her to leave! T.T

I found the college of my dreams! It envoles web designs and everything like that! YOu all know That's right up my ally! Making websites! ^.^ I applying for it! yay! I can wait! Well I am going to go! I love you all! bye bye! ^.^



Happy 16th Birthday to Lemurturtle

Love ya!

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