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Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Current Mood: good!
Current Song: Aggitated Screams of Maggots by dir en grey

Konnichiwa! I am yet again in my second period class for 1st! ^.^ My friend Mitchell burned me the FullMetal Alchemist soundtrack! ^.^ Yay! I love FMA! ^.^ Roy Mustang is my favorite! ^.^ But the one Anime I hate is NARUTO!! I HATE NARUTO!!!! >.< Grr! But anyways! I was at Wal-Mart last night and My mom and I went to go get 2 house keys made and when we left I heard some Jrock playing....I was like that sounds sooo familar...and guess what it was?!?!


Yay! I was like Takanoryi-sama! OMG OMG ^.^ Then the dude said so you like Jrock? I said "HELL YEAH! I LOVE JROCK!" He then asked me if I liked Dir en grey....I was like "OMG OF COURSE I DO!!! KYO IS SOO SMEXY! AND DIR EN GREY IS MY FAVORITE JROCK BAND EVER!!!! ^.^ So how is everyone? I am good! ^.^ Well I guess I shall go! ^.^ Ttyl! Ashiteru yo! Sayanora! Sorry it's so short! I have alot of make-up work! ^.^


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