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Friday, December 1, 2006


Current Mood: good!
Current Song: Mizerable by Gackt

Konnichiwa! HOw are you all today? I am good! ^.^ So what's going on? It's windy and rainy here! Alot of schools got out...except for mine...but that's okay! ^.^ OH I saw this Scarey Kaorian movie called NightMare. It made me scream! Gah! >.< It's a good movie though! ^.^ I get to go see wrestling tonight! ^.^ WWE! ^.^ I love DX! ^.^ I even have my DX shirt on right now! ^.^ OH and Plank burned me the new AFI cd! ^.^ *sings* ^.^ Oh Me, Chastity, and Plank starteda club! ^.^ We are going to be the High School Club kids! (without the drugs!) ^.^ We are making hoodies and making buttons! Gah It's going to be sooo much fun! ^.^ Well I g2g! Sayanora! Ashiteru yo! ^.^


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