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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Current Mood:Good!
Current Song: Cage by Dir En Grey!

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! ^.^ I had a talk with Miss Chastity! I found out alot. But all in all for both of us if we remained just good friends! ^.^ But I still lover her. It's hard to getting o ver someone you've liked for a long time. But Ia m happy with Just being friends! ^.^ I lvoe Darrel! ^.^ So do you lall like my banner at the top? It Speaks the truth! Jrock is love! I am bored. Owie My stomach hurts! T.T Have you noticed that most of the people on Myotaku are girls?!?! And More girls love jorock more than guys?! Lol! Oh well It's prabably because most Jrokcers are guys! ^.^ I am soo tired! I hate being tired! Gah! I want to talk to Darrel! ^.^ I miss him sooo much! I love Darrel! ^.^ Oh I am so BORED!! I am dressed Jrock today! ^.^ YOu know! I believe Jrock is the best thing that as ever happend to me! Besides being with Darrel! ^.^ I mean, I stopped pretty much listening to American Music! Gah! I love Jrock!! ^.^ But I ahve always loved things that are Japanese! I should have known that someday I would have gotten to Japanese Music! ^.^ lol! Well G2g! Ashiteru yo! ^.^ Sayanora!

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