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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Current Mood: Good!
Current SOng: Jealous by dir en grey!

Konnichwa! How is everyone? I have no school today so I have walked up to the libary! ^.^ Today is mine and Darrel's 2 year anivarsary! Yup He has put up with me and My KYO obession for 2 years!! ^.^ Gah! I love him! ^.^ But I have decided to give up on Chastity for now! I don't want to pursue a relationship with her any longer! >.<' She just doesn't care about my feelings! T.T I hate her for that! Because I was the only person that cried over her! GRrr! But anyways! I have made and new site! Once again! It's called Jrockismylife I will put an link up for you all to click on at the end of this post! This site is diffrent because it's going to have diffrent Jrock bands at once! ^.^
^.^ Like right now it has Dir En Grey and Phantasmagoria! ^.^ I am also fixing to but Ready Steady GO on it by L'arc~en~Ceil. Well I am going to go! Ashiteru yo! Sayanora! ^.^


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