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Monday, November 6, 2006

Current Mood: Upset
Current song: ain't afraid to die by dir en grey!

Konnichiwa. how is everyone? I am sad! T.T Chastity tried to kill herself! T.T She was in the hospital! T.T Gah! I hate when she is so stupid! But I worry about her! I was so mad at her when I found out that I punched the locker about 5 or 6 times! T.T No my hand is bleeding and it hurts...well it was that or cry! T.T Gah! But on better not! I can't wait for tomarrow! I don't have school for one thing and Darrel and I have been together for two years!! ^.^ Yay! But an update on Marilyn Manson for those of you who do like him....Friday, he had surgery and if everything goes good in two more days he will be able to go home! ^.^' Chastity is all happy about that. The only reason she tried to kill herself was because of him. I hate him yet love him!! Gah! GRRR! The thought of Chastity doing that over him kills me! >.< Well I g2g!! Ashiteru yo! Sayanora!

P.S. Um...If you all have any ideas for the next theme of my site please tell me!

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