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Thursday, November 2, 2006

Current Mood: good~
Current Song: THe Final by Dir EN grey!

Konnichiwa everyone! How are you all? I am good! ^.^ Yesturday I stayed after school for Credit recovery! I was suppost to be home at 6:00, and no one came and got me! T.T I thought my mom had forgot me! T.T Then about 7:00 My mom's friend Abott came and got me! I was scared and it was raining and I was crying! Gah! But anyways! I am bored! OH Chastity made me a picture that had my name on it and at the bottom it said "I LOVE YOU!!!" Aww! I love her too! Gah! I am bored! I am so sleepy too! I feel asleep in 1st again for the first time in 3 months! I was doing good too! But I did get my work done before hand though! Oh and I deleted my Mana-Sama site! I am sorry! I screwed it up!T.T Well I am going to Go!!

Ashiteru yo!


Oh and look at this cool pumpkin Momo sent me!! It's a Kyo pumpkin!!! ^.^

isn't that awesome!!! ^.^

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