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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Current Mood: HYPER!!
Current Song: Escapism by An Cafe

How is everyone? I am good! How was everyone's halloween? Mine was awesome except for the fact my mom yelled at me! T.T But I got to see Darrel! We went to Chastity's house and Darrel and Chastity don't like each other because they both like me! XD But Yeah! I had fun! Oh I got to hear a song by Vidoll About two days ago! I love it! Vidoll is awesome! ^.^ La La La! I am bored! Gah! I have me a new Web page it's called Jrockislove! So if you like could go over to see it! Alot of people have already signed it because I have signed there guestbooks! loL! It's got Dir En Grey on it right now! ^.^ I love Dir En Grey! It of course has mostly Kyo!! Yay for KYO!! I love Kyo! Well I guess Ttyl Ashiteru yo! Saynora! ^.^


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