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Monday, October 23, 2006

Current Mood:Happy!
Current Song: Cage by Dir en Grey!

Konnichiwa! I am back! Thanks so much everyone for coming by my site! ^.^ I saw the Grudge two...it was all that good...It confused the hell out of me...just like the first one!!!! >.< Gah! lol! I didn't find any Jrock in Nashiville no even Dir En Grey!!!! >.< Grr! But I did get 3 new shirts a Marilyn Manson, H.I.M. and a Black Sabath!!! lol I am wearing my H.I.M. Shirt today! Gah! I finally got to read Little Butterfly 2!!! Yay! OMG IT's soooooo good!! Gah! Well I don't really have much else to say! Oh I saw a GIANT HELLO KITTY!!! I ATTACKED IT!!!! MUHAHAHA! I lOVE HELLO KITTY!!! Well I g2g! Saynora! Ashiteru yo!!

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