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Friday, October 20, 2006

Current Mood: okay!
Current Song: For once I am not listening to anything!

Konnichiwa! I am at the libary once again! SOrry I didn't update yesturday! I was just busy at home and couldn't make it! T.T I am looking for me a Chihuahua! I want one! But So far no luck! T.T Grr! Um... So how is everyone? I am good! I am going to see the Grudge 2 tonight! And Tomarrow I am going out of town! I am going to Nashiville! >.<' But yeah! I am going to try and go to the huge Mall there and see if I can find any JROCK!!! YAY! JROCK IS LOVE! Well I am going to go! Please go to my Kyo fan club site! Just click on my banner up at the top!! ^.^ Saynora! Ashiteru yo!!!

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