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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

   Konnichiwa! ^.^
Current Mood: Hyper!
Current Song:Gensou Kyoku by Phantasmogira!

Konnichiwa everyone!
How are you all today? I am good! I am just sitting here at the libariy! I finally got to listen to Phantasmorgia! They fuckin Rock! Oh and Momo, I finally got to listen to Plastic Tree! They kick ass! ^.^ Nothing much has happened with me today! But I have Decided that when I finally change my site's PV I am going to do "Obscure" Thanks Momo! ^.^ >.< Oh and Kyoshiro Elric...Sorry That is didn't work! PM me and I'll talk to you about it! Yes! I do love you all by the way! I figured I should tell you all that! I am so happy that you all come to my site! ^.^ Oh and TigerFantasy17! YOu are soo sweet! I love your comment on the last post! ^.^ Well I must be going! Sayanora! Ashiteru yo!!

P.S. Go to these awesome sites!

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Oh and got to my Mana-Sama Site!


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