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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Current Mood: Good!
Current Song: Redempition by gackt!

How is everyone? I am good! I am grounded because my ecology teacher called my mom and said that I had a 51 in her class! >.< Grr! So now I won't be able to talk to Darrel on the phone! T.T Um...I am bored! I really don't have much to talk about! >.< Grr! I wish I did! ... Um...Everyone go check out my site called Mana-Sama! Thanks! Um...Gah! My teacher has such a good out look on life! lol! *sarcasm* lol So has anyone heard any good Jrock songs lately? I haven't! >.< Grr! You know I had a sudden urge to listen to TM Revolution! >.< Well I am going to go! I got some smexy Avatars for you all to look at!


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