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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Current Mood: Good!
Current Song: Transilyvania by Malice Mizer

Konnichiwa everone! How are you all today? I am good! I am just sitting here in 2nd and being bored! Grrr! HOld on! >.<...............Okay! I am back! Gah! I am actually doing most of my work in this class! I figured I should. I have like a 20 in this class! >.< But I can't help it! I don't like this class! I want to type on the internet! >.< Grr! Oh Do you all like my new theme? It's SakU!! yay! Oh I sent out some banners to people that I have made! I am going to make some more...but only my closest friends will get one! ^.^ Oh guess what I am cutting my hair...when my bangs grow out but anyways! I am going to cut them in an angle and I am going to get me a JROCK hair cut! Then I am going to dye it a diffrent color! It's going to be red on top and black underneth! YAy! Well I am going to go! Ashiteru yo!

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