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Monday, October 9, 2006

Current Mood: Okay!
Current Song: Blew by Miyavi

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! Sorry I didn't update Friday! I got sick at school so I left early! >.<' I am soo sorry! Gah! I found out that Kittylitter was cheating on Jeremy the whole time they was dating! OMG! WITH NONE OTHER THEN HAIRBOY!!! Gah! I hate Hairboy! >.< Grr! I get to see Darrel Friday! Yay! I can't wait to see him! Gah! I love him! ^.^' Gah! OH I got a Cure Magizine...and it has some band on it! I'd love to tell you all who but I can't read the bands name! Grr! I wish I did! The lead singer is soo Hot! LoL! But not as hot as Kyo! Kyo is smexier! Gah! Jeremy is getting on my nerves!! He's like a stalker now! gRR! Ever since Him and Kittylitter has split up, he's been like a stalker! Grr! It's creepy! Then he also called me yesturday and asked me to go to the circus with him! Gah! Well I guess I should go! Ashiteru yo! Sayanora!

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