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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Current Mood: Okay!
Current Song: The Final by Dir En Grey

Konnichiwa everyone!
How is everyone's day going? Mine is okay! I just been bored sorta! Except for all the drama. Jeremy is came back today! So him and Kittylitter are all grr. She is nerves because He's mad and wants to talk to her before lunch...right after this period!!! O.O I wonder what's going to happen?!?! O.o! But yeah! Chastity is being all grr right now too. I believe it's because its a Thursday. She hates thursdays! >.<' lol! Gah! I love this song! Gah! THe FINAL! DIR EN GRY! KYO!!! Sorry! OMG You wouldn't believe how many people told me I look like Mana! lol! I guess I do then! Wow! I do look like him! But when he's like a man I don't look like him. lol! Mana is pretty though...so I guess that ain't bad! Well I guess I shall go! Sayanora! Ashiteru yo

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