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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

   konnichiwa! ^.^
current mood: Okay
Current Song: Invoke by TM revolution

Konnnichiwa everyone! Ho are you all? I am good but anyways! I found out that Kittylitter wasn't mad at me... wha corey ment by "watch out for Nicole" was that that she changed! She had cut her hair and started dressing like me. Oh and she is pretending to know Jrock bands....I hate it when people try to copy me! >.< She is only doing it because her boyfriend likes me! He likes me more than her...but only because he has liked me longer! lol! Oh and Chastity got in to a fight yesturday. I was a witness! Lol OMG and she held my hand yesturday! >.< grr! why do I have to like her soo much! >.< But anyways I got to stay after school! I have to go to credit recovery! >.< Lol Well I am going to go! OH but before I do! could you all look at my new site! It's my RPG site! I am Mana, So my name is Mana-Sama! ^.^ Go to the site called mana-sama...it's in my friends list! Thanks so much! Sayanora Ashiteru yo!!!

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