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Monday, October 2, 2006

Current mood: Tired
Current Song: Redemption by Gackt!

How is everyone? I am good! Gah! Kittylitter is mad at me and for what I don't know! >.< But to tell you the truth I really don't care! I could really care less! She's getting on my nerves anyways! Stupid bitch! Grr! Sorry! gah! I am so tired! I didn't get home until late! I was in Gatlinburg all day yesturday! Someone called me a Kendergoth.....Because I was dressed up like Mana and had Pigtails! LoL! I am soo sleepy! So How was everyone's weekend? Mine was okay! I got me an new Marilyn Manson Cd! It's the Mechanical Animal's one! Lol! IT's so depressing! I don't know why I bothered buying it! I only almost all the time listen to Dir En Grey! lol Gah! I think I might be getting into a fight today! lol! ^.^' I really hope so! Because I am in the mood to really fuck someone up! lol! Well I guess I shall go! Sayanora!! ^.^ Have a nice Day!

Oh do you all like the new layout? Oh could someone got to http://www.geocities.com/mystery_lavender/link.html and get me the Midi for Ain't afraid to die? I would really appricate it! Love you all!

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