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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Current mood: Good and slightly Annoyed
Current song: Aroma
CUrrent band: An Cafe

KOnnichiwa everyone?

How are you all doing today? I'm good of course. Everything is coming on it's own. Chastity and I are wonderful. I don't live with my mom's cranky ass anymore.

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Well As all of you know I"m movin out and I'll be living with My Aunt Joy and her wife of 12 years. (yes My aunt is also a Lesbain) I'll have my own room and bath room, queen bed, a walking closet and everything. My car is now put in my name and is insured! So everything is looking up more and more. I'm so happy!

Right at the momment until Friday, I'll be with my Sissy and her husband Jon. Jon is on my last nerve! >.<' And I can't take the smoking and the fact that they don't go to bed until like 5 am! >.<' Gah!

BUt besides from that It's all good! lol


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