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Thursday, October 29, 2009

current mood: good
Current song: Pink Spider
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Hello everyone?!

HOw is u all today? I'm good. I'm just sitting her bored XD lol Well Applebees was a stupid Idea. I can't get them to even answer for me now. Grr...But My pizza hut is hiring so it might be good for me. I hope so. lol

So what is everyone doing for Halloween. I'm going to Chastitys! X3 I'ts going to be fun! It always is! lol My sisters are going to lol. We was think about going to see Paranomal activity. But we don't know yet. I want to see BAD! lol

Hmmm -thinks about pizza hut- I think I'm going to heat me up some XD lol I'm sorry I just got up and I'm Starving! XD Lol Lalalalalalalala. I'm bored XD I stay bored. lol

I need a job!!! GRRR!!! XD lol

Well g2g ttyl


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