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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Current mood: good
Current song: Another Brick in the wall
current band: Korn

Ello everyone!

I'm good. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a few days ad I'm sorry! Xp!


Me an Chastity got married today! X3
On IMVU...we had a wedding chapel and a ceromony. ^w^ I was wonderful! I loved every second of it ^w^ Chastity has been calling me Mrs. Long all day *blushes* OMG YOU NEED TO GET ON THERE x3. lol But anways

What have I missed? I'm tired. I've got an interview with Applebees On Alcoa Hwy tomarrow. And as much as I hate Applebees it will be a job until I find me a better one. lol And I need the money lol.

It seems things are looking up. I'm soo happy! ^w^

well g2g


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