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Friday, October 9, 2009

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Konnichiwa everyone!
How are you? I'm great! I'm just sitting here playingon my IMVU! lol You all should get one! lol My username is Kyokolong! So yeah if you have one or make one you can find me! X3 I've became addicted to it!XD lol. They have lesbain rooms and bi rooms and everything you could think of! lol


Yesterday! lol
It started out as a very boring day. Getting cussed out and everything like that! It sucked! Xp Then Chastity got sent to the hospital from school because she hurt her hand. She called me crying. She's tore the ligament in between her thumb and her wraist. But she'll be okay. She's in Alabama until Sunday. T.T I'm going to miss her! She tried to get her parents to let her stay but they won't let her! And it sucks! T.T

But anyways...

Last night me and her was texting and everything. She was like we need to have our honeymoon in Japan and have our very first anniversay as a married couple in France! ANd I was like 0////0!!!! lol Then she was like Or we could get married in Japan and have a kimino ceramony. (She knows how much i LOVE Japan). Then she was like Wait you wanted to get married at Disney thou. I was like either is okay. She told me it was up to me. But I haven't made up my mind. I've got plenty of time thou. We aren't gettig married until we are both 21 and she's out of school. lol So I got 2 years left. XD

Well g2g


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