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Monday, October 5, 2009

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Ello everyone?
HOw are you? I'm good! I just got home from Chastity's! It's 7:34 A.M. Chastity had to got to class this morning so I came back home. I love her! <3

Me and Chastity had such a long talk last night. It was wonderful thou! <3 I love her more and More everyday! I'm wearing her hoodie right now! X3 It smells like her! Gah! I'm soo in love! XD I don't know! I JUST LOVE HER!!!!

I'm eating cheetos! XD My dog Lou and I chowing down on some Cheeotos! XD YUMMMY!!!!
Anyways! That was random! XD>^

We talked about our feelings to each other! Then we feel asleep in each other's arms! X3 Aww I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH! She makes me soo happy! Well g2g I'm going to make a Layout for her MYOTaku!

Oh if you like Visit her MYOtaku or her TheOtaku! If you show that you are interest in her she'll probably get on more and update! XD


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