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Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Ello everyone?
how are you? I'm okay. I could be better. I'm riding in the car right now on our way to Chastity's Dad's friend Conard's house. I don't like going out here because it's boring. lol He's got ALOT of cats. I don't care for kitties much! XP

Chastity is (i believe) almost done with her halloween Decrating...She made Ghost rider today. XD lol I asked her if she was going to make his skulls flamey nd she said she's not sure how to make it do that! XD lmao! lol

OMG! Last night was so fun. Chastity and I talked to Karasu and Yoshio forever and it was soo funny! lol We established that Chastity is alot like Hatori from Fruits Basket! lol XD
She was like no I'm not and I was like yes you are! XDDDDD

I got a hide Jacket!!! It looks like his from Rocket Dive! WOOT WOOT! XD I'm going to be hide from ROCKET DIVE! lol



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