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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Current mood: Good
Current song: I.V.
Current band: X Japan

Ello Everyone?
How are you today? I'm good I've just been sitting here bored! XD I had such a fun time last night I talked in the chatroom to Karasu, Kimmy, and Kristi. But there was a homophobe come in and pissed off Karasu and he left! T.T I kicked the person out and got Karasu! lol

But anways!

Then we showed off pictures! I added new wallpaper and new ecards! Those of you who request a ecard they are fully up for you! I have some more to upload...I'm only aloud 3 a day!lol

I made one for Jae and she and Karasu are fighting over who get's to love Jaejoong! LMAO!
I didn't even know who he was until Jae asked for him. lol

I don't like Kpop! XD

let's see...
I'm going to try and see Chastity today!
It's like 1:12 a.m. right now! XD

Well it's off to bed for me!

bye bye~


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