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Friday, October 2, 2009

Ello everyone!

I'm bored
I think I'm going to make me a sweeettt lookng layout for this site! Since I'm coming back! lol

And posted somethin to my work hold on I'll repost it here...

I can't get over ppl being close-minded...the thing that Davey-Chan had posted on his site has still got my blood bowling (SP?) I mean ppl just don't understand how hard it can be to be gay. Let me tell you about my story.

Okay I've been a lesbian for a while...I mean at first I was confused and couldn't fully understand what I was! I mean I was with a guy but wasn't happy and the only person I could think about was a girl named Chastity! At that time it was completely werid to me! I was soo confused and I was like maybe I'm bi. So I came to that...But I noticed something else and you might laugh at me but Penis scares the hell out of me! The first time I was Darrel's wa was about to cry! I was like put it away. And the first time I had sex with a guy it wasn't very pleasuring or any other time I did. I think he just sucked though XD. ((NO OFFENSE TO MY GAY GUYS BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)) The whole time I was with him I couldn't get over her! Chastity Chastity CHASTITY! Was all my mind was about. HELL MY FIRST KISS WAS A GIRL!!! XD but any ways...

the day me and Darrel broke up was actually a good day...I wasn't even sad...and I was with this boy for 2 years! So if I truly loved him I think I would've been heart broken...and some of you on here might remember when I was with him. XD I even have a ex gf on here lol but anyways...about 3 months after me and Darrel broken up...Chastity messaged me on MYOTAKU and she was like Jessica would you like to be m gf! I was like O.O OMG YES!!! I was soooo happy! That date was 6-18-07!


Okay six months later CHRISTmas Day....

My mom calls my grandmother who's in Ohio. My cousin told her about me...He had told everyone! Mom was pissed and cried and cried! OMG WHAT DID I DO WRONG! WHY WHY WHY! WHY IS GOD PUNISHING ME!? I was like this isnt your fault. I love Chastity. She just looked at me and I saw soo much hatred in her eyes. She still to this day, has that same look everytime she looks at me. My mom and I have never recoverd. She HATES Chastity..

ANd I've been with Chastity for 2 years and 3 months...And life for me at home is worse than ever! My whole Family on my my mom's side doesn't even acknowlegde my exsistance. Now My dad's side is a lil' more understanding becaue my Great Aunt is a lesbian too.


NO! We've all been through some hardship. I mean come on! We can't even get married legily! I'd love to someday say that Chastity's my wife! ANd NOT MY "life partner". I hate that phrase! SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND! MY FiancÚ!!!!!

sorry I feel better now that it's off my chest! ttyl!!!


if you read this whole thing I'm proud of you and I'll make you a ecard! X3

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