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Sunday, June 7, 2009

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I changed my site to Kurama!
Yeah I'm going through this Yu Yu Hakusho faze again! XD Damnit I thought I got over the YuYu thing when I got out of middle school XD lol but no! X3 I was sooo obessed with Kurama when I was little! I still like him alot but yeah XD lol! I've got a Kurama keychain on my keys! Acutally I found it in the bathroom at work and I was like O.O GOD LOVES ME!!! How Ironic it would be Kurama! lol I think I'm going to put red in my hair but I don't know yet! XD lol


Well g2g

I'll talk to you all later!
I'm going to see my CHASTITY!!!!!!!!!!


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