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Friday, April 24, 2009

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sorry I haven't updated in a while...I've just been super busy! I had a pretty Evenful Thurstday....I woke up at 9:16 got up and got dressed and at 11:30 went to see Chastity and then I head to teh court house to pay for a red light ticket. When me and Chastity came out of the Court house we say that I had a FLAT tire! It was horrible! I aired it back up jus enough to get back to Chastity's house and then after taht it was DEAD! XD Then I started to panic cuz i had to go back to court later for that damn wreak I was in! XP Gah! I'll get to that in a min...SO I went to David's Tires and got a set of Tires for 132 and ther are brand new!!! x3 YAY! Chastity was like that's not back! I drove my car over there on the RIM!!! Gah! XP But I love my new tires! X3 *dances* I've got to work today! Idw to! XD ANways back to my story! I went to court at 5:30 and I have to go to "Traffic" School! Joy! XP it's 146 to go! GAH! XP but I've got the money so it's okay! lol let's see himm....I got a new manager at work so now I have new days off. I get Sunday-Thursdays off!!! Yay! No Fridays or Saturdays! Well expect today only because I had to do a schedul change! XP But that's otay! lol

Well g2g



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