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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Current mood: Good
Current song: We're From America
Current Band: Marilyn Manson


HOw is everyone? I'm good I'm over at Chastity's right now! X3 I'm bored. We are in a Torando Watch...I'm freaking out. It's like 9:49 here it's like what do you call it um....p.m. XD I'm sorry my head isn't funtioning right XD lol So what have I missed. I saw A Haunting in Conneicut and Fast And The Furious....They Both were A-MAZING!!! Chastity's going to trick my car out like one from that movie! X3 Muahahahahahah! But Mine is going to have hello kitty on it! Cuz I'm cool like that!




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